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No more classes for 2015


No more classes for 2015

  • LEARN true homicide investigation techniques.
  • DEVELOP engaging crime stories.
  • WRITE authentic crime and law enforcement dialogue.

Whether your story requires a true-to-life representation of the world of law enforcement, the criminal underworld, or both, then you need to attend The Writers Homicide School.

In the competitive world of crime drama development and writing, the life and death of your story depends on authentic detail. In this 2-day intensive workshop, veteran homicide detective, Sgt. Derek Pacifico, presents an illuminating and informative look into the real lives of homicide detectivesand the complex, fascinating and dangerous world in which they live, work and survive.

Sgt. Pacifico draws from his extensive experience in law enforcement, homicide investigation, police interrogation and officer training to help writers of film, television and novels develop stories, characters and dialog with an authentic edge. This 2-day course for writers (born from the curriculum of the 2-week Homicide School that Pacifico designed for actual California homicide detectives) delivers a wealth of content, context, insight and advice, covering the following topics:

  1. The art and science of homicide investigation.
  2. Developing true-to-life characters and dialogue.
  3. Authentic police and criminal vernacular.
  4. Breaking down the crime scene.
  5. Accurate portrayal of police procedure.
  6. The mind of the murderer.
  7. Navigating inter- and intra-departmental politics, conflict and collaboration.
  8. Expert police interrogation techniques.
  9. The true trails, tribulations, and rewards in the daily (and nightly) life of a detective.
  10. Crime Scene Investigation technology and techniques.
  11. The truth about shoot outs, car chases, police weaponry and blood spatter.

and much, much more.

Your instructor, Sgt. Derek Pacifico, is a 22-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, having spent 6 years working nearly 200 murders, officer involved shootings and other suspicious deaths in the Sheriff’s Homicide Detail. Through the courses he has developed, written and instructed for the California law enforcement community, Sgt. Pacifico has trained cops to be better cops. Now, at The Writers Homicide School, he can help you to write cops better.



A Real Detective with Real Help for Writers!

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